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Chemical Water Pollutants, Chemical

These are exposure studies associated with the chemical and all of its children.

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  Reference Associated Study Title Author's Summary Study Factors Stressor Receptors Country Medium Exposure Marker Measurements Outcome
1. Luben TJ, et al. (2007). Healthy Men Study (HMS) The results of this study do not support an association between exposure to levels of disinfection by-products near or below regulatory limits and adverse sperm outcomes in humans. Acetates | Trihalomethanes | Water Pollutants, Chemical Study subjects United States Acetates | Trihalomethanes Details spermatogenesis
2. Bove FJ, et al. (2014). We found elevated hazard ratios (with wide confidence intervals) at Camp Lejeune for causes of death from cancers of kidney, liver, esophagus, cervix, multiple myeloma, Hodgkin lymphoma, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; however, because less than 6% of cohort had died, long-term follow-up is necessary to comprehensively assess effects of drinking water exposures at the base. diet Benzene | Tetrachloroethylene | Vinyl Chloride | Water Pollutants, Chemical Military personnel United States water, drinking Benzene | Tetrachloroethylene | Trichloroethylene | Vinyl Chloride Details Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis | Death | Esophageal Neoplasms | Hodgkin Disease | Kidney Neoplasms | Liver Neoplasms | Multiple Myeloma | Uterine Cervical Neoplasms
3. McGowan CJ, et al. (2017). Gulf Long-term Follow-up ( GuLF) Study Potential exposure to Corexit EC9527A or EC9500A was associated with a range of health symptoms at the time of the oil spill response and cleanup, as well as at the time of study enrollment, 1-3 y after the spill. corexit 9500 | corexit 9527 | Water Pollutants, Chemical Workers United States Details Chest Pain | Cough | Dyspnea | Eye Manifestations | Respiratory Sounds | Skin Manifestations
4. King WD, et al. (2005). The findings presented here focus on risk of stillbirth in relation to the next most prevalent class of disinfection by-products, haloacetic acids, and exposure to this class of by-products was not found to be related to risk after controlling for trihalomethanes or bromodichloromethane exposure. Dichloroacetic Acid | Trichloroacetic Acid | Water Pollutants, Chemical Mothers | Study subjects Canada water Dichloroacetic Acid | Trichloroacetic Acid | Water Pollutants, Chemical Details Abortion, Spontaneous
5. Yard E, et al. (2015). National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) We conducted a cross-sectional study of residents living near the Akaki River in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia); this river contains elevated levels of several metals, but most of the exposures we found seem unlikely to cause acute health effects based on known toxic thresholds (however, toxicity data for many of these metals are very limited). Metals | Water Pollutants, Chemical Study subjects Ethiopia|United States blood | urine | water, drinking Antimony | Arsenic | Barium | Cadmium | Cesium | Chromium | Cobalt | Iodine | Lead | Manganese | Mercury | Molybdenum | Nickel | Nitrates | Selenium | Thallium | Tungsten | Uranium Details
6. Gatto NM, et al. (2009). Parkinson's Environment and Genes Study (PEG) Our study, the first to use agricultural pesticide application records, adds evidence that consuming well water presumably contaminated with pesticides may play a role in the etiology of Parkinson disease. Pesticides | Water Pollutants, Chemical Subjects with disease:Parkinson Disease United States water, well acephate | Aldicarb | Azinphosmethyl | Carbaryl | Carbofuran | chloropicrin | Chlorpyrifos | Diazinon | Dicofol | Dimethoate | Disulfoton | Linuron | Maneb | Methomyl | methyl demeton | Omite | Paraquat | Parathion | Permethrin | Phorate | Simazine | tetrachloroisophthalonitrile | Trichlorfon | triflumizol | vinclozolin Details Parkinson Disease
7. Kponee KZ, et al. (2015). In this cross-sectional pilot study, the first carried out in response to the United Nations Environment Programme recommendations, we observed statistically significant associations between exposure to petroleum-contaminated drinking water and self-reported symptoms consistent with exposure to petroleum hydrocarbons. Petroleum | Water Pollutants, Chemical Study subjects Nigeria Details Anemia | Dermatitis, Irritant | Dizziness | Eye Pain | Headache | Pharyngitis
8. Gallagher LG, et al. (2010). Upper Cape Cancer Study | Women's Health on Cape Cod Study We investigated the hypothesis generated by earlier spatial analyses that exposure to drinking water contaminated by wastewater effluent may be associated with breast cancer. Using a detailed exposure assessment, we found an association with breast cancer that increased with longer latency and greater exposure duration. Waste Water | Water Pollutants, Chemical Study subjects United States Waste Water | Water Pollutants, Chemical Details Breast Neoplasms
9. Castaño-Vinyals G, et al. (2011). The most highly educated subjects were less exposed to chlorination by-products through ingestion but more exposed through dermal contact and inhalation in pools and showers/baths. socioeconomic status Water Pollutants, Chemical Study subjects Spain Trihalomethanes Details
10. Hendryx M, et al. (2012). The results of the non-spatial analyses suggest that permitted discharges of chemical pollutants into surface waters are related to higher adjusted population mortality rates. More specifically, total non-cancer mortality is related to greater discharge quantities of chemicals classified as non-carcinogenic without need for toxicity weights or upstream discharges. Water Pollutants, Chemical Study subjects United States Details Death | Kidney Diseases | Neoplasms
1–10 of 10 results.