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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with CTD?

CTD facilitates cross-species investigations of the following types of associations:

You can use CTD to discover:

  1. What human diseases are associated with a gene/protein? (Example)
  2. What human diseases are associated with a chemical? (Example)
  3. What genes/proteins interact with a chemical? (Example)
  4. What chemicals interact with a gene/protein? (Example)
  5. What references report a chemical–gene/protein interaction? (Example)
  6. What cellular functions (GO terms) are affected by a chemical? (Example)
  7. What chemicals and genes share toxicogenomic profiles?
  8. What attributes are shared or unique among a set of genes, chemicals, or diseases?
  9. What Gene Ontology terms are enriched in association with a chemical?
  10. What pathways may be affected by a chemicals, gene, or disease?
  11. Which chemical-gene/protein inferences are statistically significant?