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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get data from a batch query?

From the Analyze menu, select the Batch Query tool. This tool allows you to download data associated with a list of chemicals, diseases, genes, GO terms, or pathways.

  1. In section 1, select your input type (chemicals, diseases, genes, GO terms, or pathways).
  2. In section 2, either enter your query terms (separated by returns or tabs) or upload a file containing the terms within a single column.
  3. In section 3, choose the type of data to generate for your results. For chemical--gene interaction data, you may also specify one or more interaction types by which to filter the results (the default ANY selection does not perform any filtering). For GO associations, you must select at least one ontology.
  4. Choose the format of the results that you would like generated: CSV (comma-separated values), TSV (tab-separated values), or XML.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. To put the results in an Excel spreadsheet:
    • Mac Users may copy/paste the data directly into a spreadsheet.
    • Windows users may save the data as a .txt file and then import that file into a spreadsheet.

Your applications may also access data by POSTing HTTP requests directly to the Batch Query API .