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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the molecular functions, biological processes, and cellular components (GO terms) of genes that interact with the chemicals TCDD or bisphenol A?

Use the Batch Query tool to perform this advanced level of querying and to export large data quantities for performing further analysis.

  1. Under the drop-down Analyze menu, select the Batch Query tool.
  2. Select Chemicals as the input type.
  3. Enter the TCDD and bisphenol A chemicals, one per line.
  4. Select Gene Ontology associations in the results section of the query form.
  5. Select either all GO associations or enriched associations only (recommended).
  6. Select at least one ontology.
  7. Select your preferred results format.
  8. Click Submit.

The results page includes values of input data (TCDD or bisphenol A), Chemical Name, Chemical ID, and Cas RN, Gene Symbol, Gene ID, Ontology, Go term, and Go ID. All chemicals with an exact match to the input data will be displayed in the results.

To further analyze results, save the results as a text file (*.txt) and import them into Excel. There, you may also sort by column headings.