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Toxicologically important genes are defined in CTD by their constituent nucleotide and protein sequences from vertebrates and invertebrates.

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The symbol of the gene.

The cross-species gene vocabulary (symbols, names, and synonyms) in CTD is derived from the Gene database at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a division of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. CTD curators may add to this vocabulary as required (e.g., to represent a species-specific gene that is not curated in NCBI Gene).


The name of the gene. See Symbol above for source information.


The synonyms of the gene. See Symbol above for source information.


The description of the gene.

Curator Notes

Comments added by a CTD curator.

Top Interacting Chemicals

Specific chemical–gene and protein interactions in vertebrates and invertebrates are being curated from the published literature. This chart provides a view of the ten chemicals with the most curated interactions for this gene. The colored bars are linked to corresponding interactions within the interaction report for this gene (see the Interactions tab).


Links to vertebrate and invertebrate data in the NCBI Gene database for this gene. Cross-species Gene database records are grouped by similarity of gene names and symbols. The primary ID for the gene is shown in bold.

Use Term in Query

Click the Use button to add this term to the Gene field on the query form.