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Help: Gene Interactions

CTD integrates gene–gene and protein–protein interactions from BioGRID. This page presents the interactions in which a particular gene/protein is involved.

Pathway View

You may view the pathways of interacting genes by either:

  1. clicking the "Show graph" link or icon to use our online visualization (your browser must support both JavaScript and Flash), or
  2. downloading the XGMML file into Cytoscape (see below).

The XGMML file can be viewed using Cytoscape, an open-source pathway visualization application:

  1. Download and install Cytoscape.
  2. Launch Cytoscape.
  3. Import the downloaded XGMML file by going to File > Import > Network (Multiple File Types) > Local (or Ctrl+L) and selecting your file. See also: Cytoscape Manual
  4. Use the Layout menu to view different arrangements of the network. We suggest the Cytoscape > Force-Directed Layout as a starting point.
  5. To view additional details about the nodes and edges within a pathway, select the Node or Edge Attribute Browser and click the Select All Attributes button in the Data Panel.
    Cytoscape Data Panel: Select All Attributes button

Tabular View

The following data is presented for each gene/protein interaction:

  1. The source gene in the interaction.
  2. The target gene in the interaction.
  3. The organism of the target gene.
  4. The organism of the source gene.
  5. The experimental system (assay) in which the interaction was recorded. More…
  6. The type of the assay.
  7. The throughput level(s) of the interaction.
  8. The reference supporting the interaction (if not a reference detail view).


Sort these data differently by clicking a column heading.


Save these data into a comma-separated values (CSV), Excel, XML, or tab-separated values (TSV) file by clicking a Download link at the bottom of the table.